Pledging is the simple process whereby members of the parish make a financial commitment towards the support of Christ Church for the coming year. Your pledge is a commitment to give consistently, which allows you to place your giving to the church as a priority at the start of each year.  Pledging also allows us to plan carefully and make responsible decisions about the operating budget and funding critical ministries.

You are not locked in. If circumstances change, you can adjust your pledge up or down any time during the year. Some people make one annual pledge payment. Others pay weekly, or anywhere in between. We issue statements for tax purposes and proper record keeping. The amount you pledge is kept confidential and, ultimately, the amount is between you and God. If you have any questions about pledging, please contact the Rector, any member of the Stewardship Committee, or the Senior Warden.


All things come of Thee O Lord, and of thine own have we given Thee
1 Chronicles 29:14

This passage, from King David’s farewell prayer, is traditionally said or sung at the altar as we acknowledge our gifts of money and then receive the gifts of bread and wine. In a well-known sermon about this passage from Chronicles, a priest writes:

“This is a wonderful refrain to carry through life. To intentionally give all of life back to God. Not to give it away, but to give it up, that it all be consecrated and that, in so doing, we be liberated. It can be a very good way to begin the day, making all of our life an offering, acknowledging that we are stewards, and that we are thankful. Acknowledging that we cannot possess anything in this life, that nothing truly belongs to us. I would say that it all belongs to God, and we belong to God. I would say that we are not possessors of anything, but rather stewards of everything. And because we are stewards we cherish things all the more.

The faith community of Christ Church gives of our time, talent and treasure because God has entrusted us with the gift of life and all of the blessings of our lives. We know, that no matter how hard we work, we do not – we cannot – produce these gifts on our own. God entrusts them to us, asks us to be faithful stewards of them. And, he asks us to acknowledge Him as the source, owner and author of these gifts. Pledging and giving of ourselves to this parish is one of the central ways we make that acknowledgement.

We have so much to be thankful for, individually and as a parish community. Christ Church is an amazing place, with worship opportunities, resources and programs for every age. It is a Holy place; a place to meet God, to say our prayers, and to support each other in our journey in faith. As Scripture makes clear, a crucial part of this journey is our giving. Applying our gifts to Christ Church keeps our parish vibrant and able to respond to parishioners’ needs. Yet even more important than programs or budgets, are the blessings that follow our giving. The blessings of peace, healing, and deep joy. The blessing of God sending His Son Jesus, the greatest gift of all, to make this life possible for each of us. What else can we do but respond with grateful hearts? What else can we do but love the world the way God loves the world, to give the way He gives every day?