The Gift

On October 31, 2017, longtime parishioner Dr. Martin Nash had a surprise for Father Matt when they sat down for a meeting. The retired pediatric nephrologist said he wanted to make a donation for a new organ. The donation covered all costs related to buying and installing the instrument — from removing its predecessor and re-wiring the space, to tuning what will be the fifth organ in the church’s 175-year history. The instrument is named in honor of Jack Hennigan (see photo on right), Martin’s long-time partner, who served as the church’s organist and choirmaster for 16 years through 1990.  It was installed in 2019, Blessed by Bishop Andrew St John on December 8, 2019, and on February 15, 2020 Daniel Roth played the the dedicatory recital and concert.


Made in Montreal

The new organ builder, Juget-Sinclair, is based in Montreal. Those curious about the company can explore its website:  http://www.juget-sinclair.com.  The company’s three partners and eight employees work on one organ at a time.  Most of the work, from pipes to the organ case, is done in-house; exceptions are the blowers and electronics, which are outsourced.



Photos from the Dedicatory Recital by Daniel Roth on February 15, 2020.

Photos from the Organ Blessing, December 8, 2019

Photos of the installation of the Jack Hennigan Memorial Organ, Juget-Sinclair, Opus 51:

Photos from our trip to Montreal in May 2019 to Visit Juget-Sinclair factory

Photos of the Removal of the old pipe Cassavant organ


Thanks to Martin Nash!



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