Day 10 (Friday) – the Holocaust Museum & Memorial and Many Partings.


Our final day in Jerusalem was free time. Many of us decided that we would visit the Holocaust Museum. I felt that it was essential to go. The State of Israel doesn’t exist without the most horrific genocide in history. The Nazis and their collaborators murdered 6 million Jews. 1.5 million were children. 1.5 million children murdered. The photo on this post is from the entrance to the Children’s Memorial at the museum. This museum is so important and so painful. It makes me sick. It makes me pray. It makes me angry. It makes me sad. It makes me cry. Our last stop in the Museum & Memorial was the Children’s Memorial. Name and age, read in Hebrew and English, in a dark room, all day, all week, all year long. 1.5 million children. God grant them rest and have mercy on us all.

The day concluded with a number of goodbyes. We bid some of our group members goodbye at the Guest House. We bid our guides goodbye as we got on the bus. We bid some of our group goodbye at the airport. 23 of us (our group was 41) have just landed in Newark now. Its Saturday 3:45 AM NY time (10:45 AM in Israel), and I’m signing off on the blog. When we reach gate our group will disperse again. Ten of us are coming to Pelham by bus from the airport. I’ve had the time of my life. I’ve learned how to pray again and in news ways. I’ve made lifelong friends and been to places that will forever form me. I miss my family and I am looking forward to coming home very very soon.

By the time you read this, I will probably be home. I’m “on” this Sunday, September 2. What on earth will I preach about? Our group has a surprise gift for the parish (it is a surprise even to most of the griuo) which I will present. Come to church Sunday. It will make me happy to see you all again.

Jerusalem, my happy home, when shall I come again to thee?

Please forgive any typos. I’ve been blogging from my iPhone.