Pilgrims on the bus!


We (11 of us) are on the bus (in traffic on the Cross-Bronx) heading to the airport where we will meet up with the other Christ Church Pilgrims!

I found a good hat for the trip.



Today I am beginning to start my packing — actually I’m making BBQ ribs which is more fun and time consuming… so maybe I’ll blog about packing and actually pack tomorrow.

Anyway, our guide Iyad has a great website detailing all sorts of info about his pilgrimages, and he includes travel tips: https://www.iyadqumripilgrimages.com/travel-tips

The clothing section notes:
What to Wear and What Not to Wear!

Women – Please dress conservatively in skirts, slacks or capris (that cover the knees) for Holy Land sites. No tank tops, shorts or sleeveless blouses, please. Short-sleeves are fine. Bermuda shorts are fine for the walking tour in Galilee. You will want to be able to dress up slightly for church on Sunday and for a few special nights. You will also need a sweater or light jacket for potentially cool evenings.

Men – Long pants, jeans or khakis, are necessary most days. Bermuda shorts are fine for the walking tour in the Galilee. You might want some long-sleeved shirts for church and a few special nights.

*Hats, Sunglasses and Sunscreen for Everyone – You will definitely need a hat and sunglasses, also sneakers and/or walking shoes that can handle cobblestones. Otherwise, shoes are entirely up to you. Do not forget your sunscreen!

Jewelry – A watch is helpful but a lot of jewelry is unnecessary. Many people enjoy finding a silver or gold cross – or some special earrings while on the pilgrimage.

Laundry – Many pilgrims hand wash a few items in their bathrooms; they will dry overnight. There is also a laundry service available at St. George’s Guesthouse for an extra charge.

(Me again..)

Recently I went to General Convention in Austin Texas in July. It was super hot and I generally had to wear conservative attire as it was a two week church convention (not all that dissimilar from a pilgrimage to Holy Sites with enforced dress codes around legs and shoulders). In Austin I wore pants and either a clerical shirt with jacket (white linen) or a long or short sleeve collared shirt. I brought, but basically did not use: jeans, shorts, a second jacket (black), black suit pants, black dress shoes, brown casual shoes, casual T-shirts, and sandals. I wore all of my comfortable pants (Gap wear light pants rule!), all of my shirts (washed at least once on site), and black sneakers.

This time I’m bringing more of the stuff I wore in Austin and none of the things I never used. I’m also bringing a portable steamer so that when I do a quick wash of a shirt I can make it look presentable.

My standard economy plane ticket allows me 1 checked bag (50 lbs limit), 1 carryon bag of specific max size, and one small personal item bag.

Heading to Austin my bag weighed in at 48 lbs, and so I figure I should be fine (but I will weigh my bag at home once it packed). I will pack a duffle (REI super compact) to serve as my carry on bag on the way back (filled with Holy Land goodies I hope). I have a small (REI daypack) backpack that I will use as my personal item and it will have huge headphones, a book, my kindle, chargers, and a few other things that are useful on the plane or at the airport.

48 hours from now, if I’m not packed, I’m in trouble – our bus leaves Pelham for Newark Airport at 6pm on Monday. Stop by and bid us non voyage!

Time to check the ribs and delay the actual packing for a few more hours at least.

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Our parish is taking a pilgrimage in 2018 to the Holy Land!

This page will serve as our group’s blog, photo gallery, and travelogue throughout the pilgrimage.  Stay tuned.  Our itinerary and brochure is below.

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