Worship Services Schedule

Sunday Service Schedule
8:00 a.m. – Holy Eucharist; Rite I
10:00 a.m. – Holy Eucharist with music; Rite II
5:00 p.m. (As announced) – “Come as you are”

10:00 a.m. – Morning Prayer at the Bolton Altar

Holy Days
12:00 p.m. (as announced) – Said Eucharist at the Bolton Altar

About Worship at Christ Church
All are welcome to join and participate in any of the worship services held at Christ Church. Every Sunday there are two services at which the Holy Eucharist is celebrated. Special liturgies take place on selected Holy Days and during Holy Week, and twice each year the youth and children of the parish assist the Rector in planning and leading our 10 a.m. service.

The Eucharist is the primary worship service of the church on Sundays and Holy Days. It is also called “Mass” or “Holy Communion”. The service always includes a sermon. A said Eucharist lasts about forty minutes. A Eucharist with music lasts about one hour and ten minutes and includes well-known hymns, choral anthems, and organ improvisation. Rite I services are celebrated using tradition Anglican English (“thee” and “thy”). Rite II services are celebrated using contemporary/modern day English language. “Come as you are” services are celebrated using Rite II and feature a variety of instrumental music by members of the congregation and community. This service is not offered every Sunday, please see here for the next “Come as you are” service.

Prayers for Healing are offered the second Sunday of every month following both services at the Bolton Altar.