The Rector’s Chronicle

Several times each year Father Mead, Rector of the Parish of Christ the Redeemer, publishes a Chronicle. The Rector’s Chronicle includes parish news, thoughts on theology, liturgy, and Scripture, and an assortment of other things that might be of interest to members and friends of Christ Church.

(15) Advent, Stewardship, Prayer Book Revision
Advent is beginning!  Stewardship and our Capital Campaign are doing well.  The Episcopal Church is beginning the very long process of Prayer Book Revision.

(14) Capital Campaign Letter & Card
We’ve already raised over $220,000!  We also have a matching $50,000 gift!

(13) Rector’s Chronicle, Trinity, 2018
Announcement that the Rev. Canon Susan Harriss will be joining our staff in the autumn as part-time Priest Associate.

(12) Rector’s Chronicle, Pentecost, 2018
A new calling and cure for the Rev. Deacon Michael Kurth, Seminarian from 2016-2018.  

(11) Rector’s Chronicle, Eastertide, 2018
The difficult reality of Biblican illiteracy and the importance for Episcopalians to read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the Scriptures.

(10) August 16 Letter to Parish From Rector

(9) Rector’s Chronicle, Summer, 2017
Summer Events: Worship, Outreach, Youth, and Personal Prayer

(8) Rector’s Chronicle, Lent, 2017
Lent, Confessions, Prayer, Pastoral Care, Holy Week & Easter
Liturgical Notes for Lent & Holy Week – 2017
2017 Lenten Worship Services
2017 Holy Week & Easter Schedule

(7) Rector’s Chronicle, Christ the King, 2016
Stewardship, Our National Life, Youth News, and Looking ahead to Advent & Christmas

(6) Rector’s Chronicle, Holy Cross Day, 2016
Worship, Outreach, and Youth Ministries 

(5) Rector’s Chronicle, Trinity Sunday, 2016
Celebrating first year as Rector, upcoming fundraiser, summer notes (Drainage Update Insert)

(4) Rector’s Chronicle, Lent, 2016
Living into Lent and Holy Week (Lent & Holy Week liturgical notes) (Adult Christian Learning Brochure 2016 Winter/Spring)

(3) Rector’s Chronicle, November, 2015
Stewardship program for 2015-2016, and a look at Advent and Christmas.

(2) Rector’s Chronicle, August, 2015
Church School and Confirmation Class for 2015-2016. The Chronicle references the Church School Registration form (found here) and the Church School Calendar (included at the end of the Chronicle).

(1) Rector’s Chronicle, June, 2015
Thanks to the search committee, vestry, wardens, staff, parish leadership. Guidelines for those seeking pastoral care and communication. Planning and background for his the celebration of his new ministry planned for September 29, 2015. Sunday evening “Come as you are” service.