Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
August 20-31, 2018

Pilgrimage Flyer & Registration Form

Registration Form & Brochure (FINAL)


We invite you to consider a pilgrimage to the Holy Land next August led by the Rev. Matthew Hoxsie Mead, Rector of Christ Church, Pelham. We are partnering in this pilgrimage with the Rev. Randy Alexander, who served as the 14th Rector of Christ Church and currently serves as Rector of Immanuel on the Hill Church in Alexandria, VA. The opportunity to take part in the 2018 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is offered as part of Christ Church’s 175th Anniversary Celebration.


This pilgrimage builds upon several recent presentations offered at Christ Church including a presentation by parishioner John Lent, Deputy Director of American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ), on the current plight of Palestinian Christians in Israel.   John encouraged us to see the Holy Land for ourselves. Father Mead and Father Alexander invite you to join them for a once in a life time trip with members, alumni, and friends from Christ Church and Immanuel on the Hill Church.

Our Guide

Our guide will be Iyad Qumri, a tour guide with over 20 years of experience, operating as Qumri Pilgrimages.  The tour is intended to provide a sense of history and connection with the world Jesus inhabited. It will also allow us to connect with Palestinian Christian congregations. Qumri Pilgrimages is highly regarded. Their website is at https://www.iyadqumripilgrimages.com/.


We have reserved a pilgrimage for August 20-31, 2018.

Registration Form & Brochure (FINAL)