Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Committee is a group with a very strong desire to bring pastoral care to our parishioners. We have four members who are Eucharistic Ministers. Jane Cooke, Anne Calder, Will Tifft and Chisara Alimole have all completed the course offered by the Diocese to administer the Eucharist. In addition to these four, there are approximately six others who serve at the altar.

We are a quiet group and what we do is done quietly and privately. We are available any time, but our regular visits are usually done after church on Sunday. We bring companionship and prayers. Many people do not want anyone to “know” that they have a need for pastoral care, or they do not want to “bother” anyone. The committee cannot stress enough how it is not a bother to visit, but a privilege. We are confidential about our visits so it is all kept very private. Our committee welcomes information about people who may need visits. A simple call to the parish office is all that it takes to let the Pastoral Committee know that a visit is requested or suggested.

You can also call Father Matt on his cell 914-471-0260 or Deacon Katie on her cell 914-589-1628.