The Evangelism Committee’s main function is to attract and welcome newcomers who want to hear and learn more about “the good news” of the Gospel. The Committee is responsible for development of ideas and publicity to project an exciting and appealing view of our Parish to those who are looking for a new spiritual home. This ministry includes the placement of advertisements purchased through the committee’s budget and fostering good will through public relations – all of which is intended to publicize Christ Church’s religious services, and its cultural, social and other events. That said, nothing seems to work as well as word of mouth and the witness that each member of the parish gives in daily life. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of new individuals and families attending our church. Many of them are here because a current Parish member has invited them to come and see our beautiful and historic “English country church,” hear the outstanding music and thought-provoking sermons, and enjoy the coffee hour following each service to meet our clergy and parishioners.
Last summer, we hosted our thirteenth annual Newcomer’s cocktail party for newcomers to the Parish. For several years, this gathering has been open to all other members of the congregation, so that the newcomers not only have an opportunity to meet one another, but also to meet church members of longer standing, including the Vestry.

Evangelism Committee members include Ralph Gerra, chair, Jennifer Alleyne, Jim Greenhalgh, Betty Hoover, Jasmine Moore, Marilyn Leone, and Derek Weihs. In keeping with the spirit of our Committee, we welcome anyone who would like to join. Or, if you have an idea that will assist us in furthering the Committee’s purpose, please feel free to speak with one of us.